A special sequence of waves that reproduce the basic characteristics of natural waves restablishes the energy in our organism making it slide without accumulations and blocks, creating a state of psychophysical wellbeing in ourselves.

Everybody can present a go to himself and to others; GO is a little sun always to take with oneself. We have realized it in 5 versions in order to meet your needs.

Being a small object makes it very confortable and pratical to use. The best way that allows to reach the best benefit is by laying down once a day for 30 minutes, in complete relaxation with your eyes shut and a clear mind, in-between meals and concentrating on your breathing which has to be quiet and continuous, using the diaphragm as much as possible as when you "breath with your abdomen".

Eagle has to be placed in the right hand, on the lower part of the palm and held in the center with the middle finger.

GO operates on people in subjective way, according to individual receptivity and it doesn't present any type of side effect because it works according to a principle that is very similar to what nature itself provides spontaneously in the form of quantum particles (solar photons, waves from the planet's magnetic field, cosmic rays, etc) without which man could not survive.

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