In the up-to-date scientific researches, it has been verified that ultraweak signals are recognized by living being easily in comparison with the background noise if they present a pattern (characteristic repeated signal): the signals that the organism succeedes in recognizing among a lot of interfering signals are very complex, which means that they are composed different frequency bands. In fact the complex signal reach the biological system as a repetition weak signals, but among themselves correlated in a fixed pattern that distinguishes "real" signal from background noise. The processes of adaptation and transfer of information between organism and environment and inside the organism himself are linked to electromagnetic fields; it is sufficient to think how much it's important the exposure to the solar light and the terrestrial magnetic field and also toSchumann's waves, that NASA technicians had to reproduce inside space shuttles.

Moreover we have observed that emission of electromagnetic waves are composed by several frequencies linked together according to precise laws, that are coherent with angle of constant phase-difference. A significant example are Shumann's waves, produced by terrestrial cavity, baited from electrostatic discharges in the atmosphere. Generally they are seven waves at different frequencies which sum originates particular shaped wave we have called "Eagle Wave".
In Eagle Project we have particularly considered what we have just exposed and we have locate 11 Eagle waves with differente frequencies among themselves, in a range from 0.07 Hz to 270 Hz, selected among those belonging to macro and micro cosmo.
In this way the obtained 11 Eagles Waves can be used such as "note" in order to compose sequencies able to compose different effects on human physiology.

Like in music, melodies of different type have been composed with various notes. The secret of Eagle Project consists in choosing the sequence of these particular waves.
In fact it has been discovered that the sequence is determinant on result.The principle of sequence has been realized with a technique that has been opportunely conceived to the aim and set on healthy people and that exploits bio-resonance.

Eagle Project, even if it uses informations naturally present, is a real newness. It's possible to obtain excellent results giving out not invasive weak electromagnetic fields and, because of necessary small power, a pocket version can be realized. Because of low intensity, the given out waves are perceived only if they find resonance with frequencies already present in the organism and so they can't alterate human biorhythms. They can also enforce and syntonize what is partially at variance because of alteration due to various poisonings (geomagnetic, electrosmog, alimentary, ecc.).