Eagle waves are generated by a microcomputer and give out through magnetic waves exploiting a principle of bioresonance common to all living beings. The given out frequencies, of an intensity equal to the planet's magnetic field and perfectly recognized by human body, free and expand our energy channels. When this happens, we enter into a pleasant and relaxing state of mind that makes us more intelligent and creative. The assimilation of these vibrations generates an immediate equalization of all energetic centers, which allows an improvement of our psychophysical performances.

Particularly thanks to emission of coherent and biocompatible harmonic waves, GO is able to interacts positively with the vibration frequencies of the biological tissues our bodies are made up of. The clearness of the messages transmitted produces a resonance phenomenon that in turn stimulates a realignment of the physiological structures and a correction of the parasite frequencies responsible of pathological alteration.

Researches and experimentations with GO have demonstrate that every given out wave creates a particular benefit even if these waves are inserable one from the others.